Chanel Oosthuizen Lifestyle Photographer
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What is meant to be will
always find a way.
— Loubis- and-Champayne

In 2008 Chanel started studying  for a BA (Hons) Information Design degree at University of
Pretoria. With a BA (Hons) degree in Information Design, a design background in advertising
and essentially her passion for people and beautiful moments, all things tiny and cute, that
inspired her to establish this photography business. She adores all things earthy, natural,
toddler tummies, tiny toes, bellies and natural light! The first hands-on experience with
Photography was when she bought her  first Nikon SLR digital camera in 2009… and boy
oh boy was this astounding. She loved everything about this camera. Little did she know
that this was a step in the direction that she would take on. In 2013 she founded
Chanel Oosthuizen Photography.

I am a firm believer that being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth! I love
nature and through my creative perspective I am in love with the earthy tones & textures,
beautiful places, landscapes and natural light. With every session, I make it my mission to
capture the details that often go unseen, the details that simply get left behind in time.

Working with children is is a joy but one needs to be extremely patient. I have a very friendly,
energetic, easy-going personality and children love this. As a photographer, I instantly connect
with and love working with people. Being a photographer, I feel it is important to be determined
and enthusiastic with ones whole heart and to strive to do better every day, to learn new things,
techniques and to deliver something of value to all my clients.


Since then, I have captured beautiful moments of couples, families, newborn babies, weddings,
maternity shoots and is privileged to say that I have traveled to more than 5 different
provinces for shoots in South Africa. It is not only about the end product but the entirety of
experiences that should be treasured and savored! I am blessed to say that my photography
career has also taken me to as far as Zambia, Mozambique, Dubai and Australia.


I was blessed to meet the man I always prayed for and marry him in December 2013.
This was definitely one of best days of my life! I am truly grateful to be married to a
husband that loves God our Father, His son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, that is
completely family orientated, truly loves to make memories with me and that he loves
me perfectly as I am.

Elegance is when the inside is
as beautiful as the outside.

I live for uniquely captured moments, moments that will blow the minds of all your family
and friends.  I strives at capturing things of value, meaning and beauty and capture the joyous
moments, all the things of couples, Mommy bellies, babies, toddlers or family. Every session is
such an honor for her, as she is an active part of these celebrations! During the early years of her
life, she discovered photography and feel thankful that she is living her passion and with all these
years of photography experience under her belt, she then decided to go in the direction of my
dreams and live the life I imagined!