Just 3 weeks old.

Just 3 weeks old.

We had many discussions whether or not to co-sleep. You will think that with so much information about the topic would seem to make the decision quiet easy but it in actual fact made it more difficult. A few things made me so afraid in thinking of co sleeping such as hurting Casey by accident in our sleep, rolling over her, suffocating her and forgetting she was there…In the first few weeks we decided to let her sleep in her Pram’s Bassinet next to our bed and as planned moving her to her own room at 1 year of age.

Following several mommy bloggers on Instagram and seeing these beautiful co-sleeping pods made me think of the true use of them and if they are truly a must have. After a lovely conversation with Mari-Louise from @JustaMamma blog on the topic, I decided to get in contact with Cecile, the owner of Nordic Nuss. We decided to try co-sleeping although we were spectacle and wary. I realized that Nordic Nuss is the perfect fit. Love the design and literally all the options that’s available.

Casey is now 6 months and sleeps in bed with us, safe and secure in her Nordic Nuss. What I love most is that she is protected from any random flinging arms or legs, warm and snug without overheating. This Nordic Nuss nest made life so much easier for me with breastfeeding and all. I could breastfeed Casey from bed and simply with ease put her in her Nordic Nuss safety. During the winter months in Middleburg it is quite cold reaching temperatures of 0 degrees, yes you heard right and being able to feed in bed made it really easy. From being spectacle about co-sleeping and having a new perspective. It was beneficial to us in so many ways and this is also a product that I will take with me where ever we go. It’s lightweight and easy to carry cocoon. As I have heard, many newborns suffer from the differentiation between day and night but this was not the case. She sleeps so peacefully that only wakes up maybe once or twice at night. I don’t have to get out of bed to attend to her needs. Casey is more content and relaxed. I could get to my work and have her lie in her Nordic Nuss. She sleeps for longer periods at a time and there is no need to comfort her back to sleep. She is definitely rested out from each nap time.

Leaving the best for last, there is nothing like the Casey cuddles and loving moments of the new member. Doing co-sleeping has strengthen our bond and helped create a secure attachment between myself and Casey. Casey wakes up and just wants to chat and cuddle, moments like these are the best and which I will for ever treasure. Nordic Nuss is next on my list as Top 10 baby essentials.

VERY IMPORTANT: If your are considering co-sleeping please make sure to read more about “Safe co-sleeping” here and here.

All snuggled up.

All snuggled up.



- It can be used from birth to 12 months. It is adjustable and ensures a snug sleeping environment and offers a great solution for traveling, co-sleeping and nappy changing via an adjustable bottom flap, whether you’re at home or on the go. It also fits perfectly in your baby´s cot. Outer lining: 100% Cotton. Inner filling: Breathable Polyester Fiber.
- This Nordic Nuss makes baby feel hugged and protected. (Dimensions - 75cm x 30 cm) For you that don’t know, the nest grows with your baby and eventually can be used as a cot bumper which makes transitioning easier.
- I loved organic and this is exactly what this Nordic Nuss is made from. 100% pure cotton excluding the bumper filling and mattress which is made from breathable ply cotton.
- Not only is The Nordic Nuss a co-sleep nest, it can also be used for a play mat and a clean, portable, nappy changing pad.


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Disclaimer: I received a Nordic Nuss to use and keep for the purposes of content creation.

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